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We are still making impact, slowly but steady!

Shalom friend,

I cannot believe we are almost at the end of the first half of year 2023. I trust your plans and goals are taking shape as you continue to play your part towards achieving them in 2023 and beyond.

As our trusted friend and partner at HowFoundation, it is our pleasure to update you on what, with your support, we have been working on for the past four months.


Graduating the second group

The group of ladies we started working with during the pick period of COVID were able to graduate and have started their own shop where they work together as a group making different textile products, including tote bags, table cloth, uniforms and many more.

The foundation provided the initial startup expenses, including three months rent from February through April. We hope and pray that God will continue to help them expand their activities to generate revenue to sustain their families. With the rising prices of everything, any help they can get to supplement their income will keep them motivated to continue the journey to self sufficient.

Uniforms for vulnerable pupils and medical insurance for vulnerable families

We the support of many, we have managed to provide school uniforms to 56 children in district of Ruhuha, Eastern province in Rwanda. These are children from vulnerable families who could not afford buying school uniforms. 

We also provided full year medical insurance for 36 families made of 100 people in total. 

The activities were made possible through a partnership with a local church, the Voice of Salvation Church, and the local authority of the district of Ruhuha. This church helped in the process of identification and classification of the need, and also carried out the distribution on behalf of the HowFoundation.

The need is humungous but we trust that each step we take brings us closer to making considerable impact.

Shelter for an elderly survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi, in Rwanda

From April 7th, each year, in Rwanda and around the globe, humanity remember and commemorate the tragic event that took more than a million innocent lives, and left many millions orphans, widows and many brokenness. 

There are many elders that were left alone with much internal and external wounds. This year, HowFoundation in partnership with the district of Ruhuha, has identified an elder who's left alone, without any family member. He has been living without a shelter. The district took him in and was renting a small room for him as a transition phase before they could find means to build him a small house. With the partner church on the ground, we have been able to build him a small shelter he can call home. Although it is a modest home, it a place he can go to after a long and busy day. We are so grateful we were able to put a smile on his face. There are still a few fine touches to be made to make the house more livable.


HowFoundation is on mission to create a world where marginalized individuals, especially women, youth, and orphans, facing difficult circumstances, are empowered to reach their full potential through education and skills acquisition.

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