Heart of Worship in Action Foundation “HOW Foundation” is a non-profit organization incorporated in Ontario, Canada. We believe that regardless of where you live and the life conditions you are in, when you have direct access to capital and adequate skills set, you can take actions that will change the course of your life for good. HowFoundation focuses on providing capital resources and supports through acts of love to the less privileged. We aim at helping them acquire life-changing skills regardless of their background.

About The Founder

Willy M.Gakunzi is the Chair & Founder at HOW Foundation. He holds a master’s degree in International Economics and Business from University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Mr. Gakunzi acts as a Specialized Consulting Manager and Project Manager at Wolters Kluwer with extensive experience working and advising financial institutions around the globe. Mr. Gakunzi helps financial institutions to navigate through the complexities around risk and finance data in order to comply with their finance & risk, compliance and regulatory reporting requirements. .

Our Journey 

Estelle and Willy Gakunzi, parents of two beautiful daughters shared two main passions – worship and serving people. They engaged in spreading acts of love towards empowering youth, refugees, victims of sexual violence and abused women. On November 8th, 2018, the unexpected happened and Estelle was taken to the other side of the eternity. A sudden departure that left Willy and their two girls, Kayla and Shayna crushed but not heartbroken. Since that day, there was a whispering voice in Willy’s heart that he could not contain to see the mission he shared with Estelle be silenced for good. So, He decided to launch HOW foundation in honoring Estelle’s loving memory. There is no better way to celebrate and honor Estelle’s well lived life than perpetuating her heart of worship in action. We have this deep conviction that through this foundation many lives will be touched and changed for the better.

How  Team

Jules M. Sebahizi

Board Member-Kigali

Mr. Sebahizi has a master’s in social science with a focus on Gender and Development. Mr. Sebahizi is a Certified as Human Performance Technologist (HPT-HICD) and Performance Assessment and Analysis (PAAx) with 20 years’ work experience on Gender and gender equality, Performance improvement, organizational development, and policy analysis with international and regional work experiences in different capacities for different organizations. Mr. Sebahizi has worked, in different capacities, with various organizations in civil society, bilateral and multilateral organizations including UNDP, UNWOMEN, UNAIDS, WB, CAFOD-UK, USAID-IBI, KNO-Worldwide, USAID-CHEMONICS, DAI-HICD, DFID, GIZ, CARE-International, SWISSCONTACT.  He is also a founder of Youth and Women Drivers of Peace (YWDP) in Rwanda.

Ninette Umurerwa

Board Member- Kigali

Ms.Umurerwa  is a Legal Aid Practitioner and Human Rights Activist who possesses knowledge and has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to vulnerable beneficiaries and delivering positive outcomes for them while working with Human rights Non-Governmental Organization. Ms. Umurerwa has rich management expertise in the Non Governmental Organization. Together with other HOW directors, she acts as secretary general in Rwanda.

Queen Mukagitore

Operations Manager

Queen Mukagitore holds a bachelor’s degree in social work, she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health. Throughout her career Queen has worked in various fields including research, counselling and psychology, youth engagement and logistics. Queen is passionate about social change, community development, and improving the lives of women and girls. Outside of her professional life, Queen enjoys traveling and reading.