Our Process

We Have a Process that Consist of Three Simple Steps or Sub-processes

Selection process

During this process, we connect with local authorities to identify beneficiaries based on real data. Once a pool of beneficiaries has been identified, we meet with them to listen to their story. Our ear is specifically attentive to any disruptive events they may have encountered. As we listen, we ask this only one question: What can you do? What are you passionate about? Once this question is answered, in collaboration with the selected beneficiaries we shape their passion, in other words, their potential into a concrete and SMART business plan.

Mentoring & Monitoring Process

During this process we form a WE-GROUP. This is a group of minimum two and maximum four beneficiaries that will hold each other accountable in their respective activities. Once the WE-GROUP has been formed, beneficiaries are requested to provide the proof of a savings account and then we release the first installment of the fund granted to them. After a period of 6 months with monthly progress reporting, we re-evaluate the progress before deciding to release the second installment. The second installment is conditioned on the success of their businesses. We continue to monitor and mentor the beneficiaries while they continue to report their progress monthly.

Graduation Process

And finally, the graduation process. After a period of 12 months our expectation is that beneficiaries would have saved at least 50% of their total grant.  We closely monitor, mentor, and evaluate each step of their progress to maximize their potential. Once graduated, beneficiaries become permanent members of the foundation and contribute by providing mentorship to new beneficiaries.


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