Our Work Process

It is a privilege to be the channel through which God touches lives. In order to play our part with credibility that our guiding principles require, we follow a three steps process.

Selection Process

During the Selection Process, we partner with local church and authorities to identify beneficiaries based on firsthand data. Once the beneficiaries have been identified, we meet with them to listen to their story. Our ear is specifically attentive to any disruptive events they may have encountered. As we listen, in collaboration, we identify the skills that best fit their potential and then we collaborate with the selected beneficiaries to shape their passion into a concrete plan for their skills acquisition program.

Mentoring & Monitoring Process

During this process, the selected beneficiaries follow the specific training in the area identified during step 1. We then form a WE-GROUP with a minimum two beneficiaries, and a maximum of four beneficiaries. The WE-GROUP’s purpose is to hold each member accountable in their respective activities. Members of the same WE-GROUP do not have to be following the same training but will be accountable to each other.

Once the training is completed, members qualified to receive grants from HOW Foundation, are required to provide proof of a savings account before we release the first installment of the fund granted to them. Beneficiaries are required to report monthly on their progress, and proof of their savings account balance. After a period of 6 months, we re-evaluate their progress before deciding on second installment. The second installment is conditional on the progress made. We continue to monitor and mentor the members while they continue to report their progress monthly until the end of the funding period.

Graduation process

After a period of 12 months from the day they received the grant, our expectation is that beneficiaries would have saved at least 50% of their total grant.  We closely monitor, mentor, and evaluate each step of their progress to maximize their potential. After 12 months, HowFoundation beneficiaries become permanent members of the foundation and contribute by providing mentorship to new beneficiaries members.